The Corral

The Corral

As I walk down the crowded hallway of the children’s Sunday School wing of our church, I remember my friends serving far away, who do not have the privilege of attending church services kids-free. Their small fellowship does not have a nursery or childcare, and so their children must learn to sit as still as their wiggly bodies allow until the pastor up front is “finally” done talking about things their little minds cannot fully comprehend. Sunday school is a privilege not every parent enjoys on a Sunday morning.

My friend recently decided it was time to change that reality at her church. After corralling her curious toddler through service after service, she decided she could be the instrument of change for her community. So she prayed, and launched out in faith to start a nursery class – for her family and the one other family in fellowship with young children.

It always surprises us, doesn’t it, when God does something more with our “five loaves and two fishes”. The first Sunday my friend started her nursery program, a new family arrived at church – a family who did not yet proclaim faith – a family with three young children of their own. The following Sunday, another new family joined the circle of nursery parents. What started as a simple “intentional corralling of young children” turned into an opportunity for some weary parents to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Stories like this remind me to be the instrument of change in my community too. It reminds me not to wait for someone else to step up. It recalls to my mind how God is sovereignly orchestrating the smallest details of our lives for His Kingdom purposes and encourages me that I don’t have to wait until my own young children are grown to seek first for His Kingdom to come, and His will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven.


This story comes from the ministry of our Grace Partners serving in a location we cannot disclose for security reasons. For more information, please contact