Adult Bible Study


In Adult Bible Study (ABS), the Word of God is read, taught, and discussed so that we can grow in the discipline and instruction of our Lord.

Consider yourself invited to our upcoming classes in Adult Bible Study. ABS seeks to learn and follow God’s word to build up the people at Grace to maturity, to the glory of our sovereign King. And to that end we have an exciting line up for Spring and Summer.

We Meet
Sundays at 9am
in Room 204

The Prophetic Word of Hosea–Warnings and promise to God’s faithless bride.

ABS is plunging back into the Hebrew scriptures with a study of Hosea. Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun and the words of the prophets prove him right.  Hosea’s contemporaries are much like ours–paying scant attention to God and chasing anything else that satisfies their disordered desires. But God has a plan.

9am, upstairs in room 204

1/8Intro: Hosea and the Prophets2/12Chapter 6-10: Impending judgement
1/15Chapter 1: A Marriage made in heaven2/19Chapter 11-12:14: Rebellion in the face of God’s love
1/22Chapter 2: God Loves Israel2/26Chapter 13: How Israel fell so low
1/29Chapter 3: Go, love and redeem your adulterous wife3/5Chapter 14: Repentance and blessing
2/5Chapter 4-5: The case against the priests, the people, the king, other nations

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Adult Bible Study strives to build up the body of Christ by encouraging continual growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Open to adults of all ages, we get to know one another, study the word together, discuss the implications of what we learn and seek to encourage one another as disciples of Jesus.

We study through scripture and through the occasional book that biblically cover topics  relevant to the people of Grace.

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