Praise the Living God


  • Shake This Place
  • Praise the Living God
  • His Love Endures
  • Faithful Love
  • His Glory Fills the Earth
  • Interlude
  • A Mighty Fortress
  • His Power Will Prevail
  • Say to This Mountain
  • Have Faith
  • Strength of My Heart
  • Convinced of This
  • Now and Forever
  • Love Never Fails
  • Righteous One

Drums and Percussion Nathaniel Warne // Bass Guitar Andrew Braine // Electric Guitar Dale Bryson, James Harrah on STRENGTH OF MY HEART with additional guitars by Dale Bryson // Acoustic Guitar Kenny Clark, Dale Bryson on THE RIGHTEOUS ONE and HIS POWER WILL PREVAIL // Keyboard Pads Walt Harrah // Piano (INTERLUDE) Will Gearhart // Solo Violin (INTERLUDE) Kelly Wright // Loops Walt Harrah, James Harrah on STRENGTH OF MY HEART, Nathaniel Warne on PRAISE THE LIVING GOD // Lead Vocals Kenny Clark, Toni Coloma on SHAKE THIS PLACE, STRENGTH OF MY HEART and NOW AND FOREVER. Duets on HIS POWER WILL PREVAIL and LOVE NEVER FAILS, Mindy Price on HIS GLORY FILLS THE EARTH and THE RIGHTEOUS ONE // Strings Lindsay Orr (violin), Simona Talberga (violin), Kelly Wright (violin), Megan Grafton-Cardwell (viola), Larry Briner (cello), Meghan Zeikle (cello), Andrew Braine (double bass) // Group Vocals Kenny Clark, Toni Coloma, Walt Harrah, Mindy Price, Annie Jimenez, Marc Walker, Diana Walker, Cynthe Macomber, Andrew Braine, Madeline Warkentin, Nathaniel Warne // Engineering Brian Petersen, Justin Francis, Kevin Welsh, Andrew Braine on THE RIGHTEOUS ONE languages // Mixing Brian Scheuble // Mastering Doug Sax with Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab //Photography All photos by Brian Petersen except Cover photo by Jay Eads ( // Graphic design Kenny Clark //

Praise the Living God was produced and arranged by Walt Harrah.  All songs written by Walt Harrah except SAY TO THIS MOUNTAIN by Walt Harrah and Kenny Clark. A MIGHTY FORTRESS by Martin Luther, and INTERLUDE by Will Gearhart.