Ted & Dana Witmer

Ted & Dana Witmer

The echoes of the prayers of the saints had been ringing in his mind and heart as he walked the long dark path home to his wife and eight children: prayers for revival in their war-torn land; cries to God for perseverance for all they had already endured. His mind had wandered back to that night when his own home was looted by the rival tribe, not once, not twice, but five times. Yet, his heart soared with faith as he clutched his Bible in hand: God was at work, his church was growing, and his pastor’s heart filled with praise.

And then the shots rang out.

200 feet from his home.

Pastor Didero Ngabu, who had studied theology alongside his wife, who planted a church in a difficult area of the Congo where warring tribes wrecked havoc on the rural people, this Pastor Ngabu had died, 200 feet from his wife and children, shot in the head and heart by the very people he had set out to reach with the gospel.

Yet, his testimony for Christ would live on, like so many other martyrs before him. More militia men would come to Christ because of his death.

And the Kingdom of God advances in the Congo.

Grace Partner Ted Witmer pictured with Pastor Tseda, a militia commander who came to Christ and is now attending Shalom University.

This story is taken from the ministry of Ted and Dana Witmer, ministers of the gospel in the Congo, serving at Shalom University, the school that graduated Pastor Ngabu.  If you would like to learn more, please contact Cynthe Burbidge: gracepartnerships@graceevfree.org.