Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

So often, ministry involves seed planting in faith. Very often we do not get to see the fruit of the seeds until years, decades or generations later.

But sometimes a blossom of Kingdom growth surfaces in something as simple as a summer baseball camp …

Good Morning,

I am writing to simply say thank you! This is our second time at FCA and every time my son comes here it’s always a success. My son Isaac started going to your camp last year. I am a single mom and when Isaac was in kindergarten he had to deal with his dad walking out on him and through kindergarten year it was real tough on him especially with communication as he would not express his hurt. I began looking into sports where he could have male role models and I didn’t know that would lead us to Isaac’s love for the game of baseball. Last year FCA helped him through not only baseball but his life in general. This year I couldn’t help but express how thankful and happy I am on what you guys have done and continue to do each year with him. I am not sure if you give anything to a coach or let him know he made a difference but I’d like you to know Coach Mojo was an awesome shepherd for my little one. As I read his red ability sheet yesterday, it was so detailed and he took his time to write to Isaac and show care for him and baseball. Isaac could not stop talking about Coach Mojo this week and I know It was God’s calling for Coach Mojo and FCA to be a part of his life. Thank you to all the coaches and I would hope Coach Mojo will know how much of an impact he had on a young baseball player who’s dad isn’t around and was one of those male role models! GO Money Dogs!!!

See You Next Year,

Amber W

Photo Description: Coach Mojo and the Money Dogs – Isaac is in the middle and has his eyes closed (: