Join us for a fun week of Bible stories, hilarious skits, great music, fun games, and exciting activities.

Please consider registering to serve during Adventure Week by visiting the Adventure Week table on the patio between services.


*All children must be age 3 and potty-trained to participate. Parents of preschoolers are asked to stay on campus throughout the evening. We offer childcare for children age 0-2 and 3 year olds (not potty-trained) whose parents are volunteering.

What is Adventure Week?

Adventure Week is a fast-paced, God-centered, crazy-fun week!  

Kids see the gospel come alive in fun and engaging ways each evening. All of the fun is built around the truths of the Bible and our great God.





Registration for our Adventure Week program is FREE.

Please register by visiting:

  • Church office (M-F, 9am-4pm),
  • Sunday morning Adventure Week table (after both services)
  • Drive-thru registration (Monday July 26, 10-11am)
  • Registration Tent (any night of Adventure Week)

We offer t-shirts for a small cost.

DON’T FORGET! Please pick up your family’s REGISTRATION PACKET on Sunday, July 25 at the Adventure Week table on the patio after both services. We will also have a Drive-Thru REGISTRATION on Monday, July 26 from 10 to 11am in the lower parking lot. Avoid the rush on Monday night, and pick up your Registration Packet at one of these times! The packet will include shirts purchased, name tags, and parent claim tag.


Pre-purchase T-Shirts before July 11 and SAVE!

Discounted price of $6.00 offered through July 11.

T-shirts can be purchased with cash or check at our Drive-Thru Registration (Monday, July 26 from 10-11am) and at the Info Tent on the patio during Adventure Week for $10.00 while supplies last.


Every evening, your child will be served a snack in Nursery and K-6. Please click the button below to view our snack schedule and information for children with allergies.

Parent Café

Parents are invited to relax in our Parent Café from 6:45-7:30pm each night, located on the center patio. Join us for delicious dessert, coffee, and conversation.

Schedule: Monday-Thursday


Registration / BYO Dinner

We will have tables and chairs available for you to bring a dinner and have some time of fellowship before the event begins


Meet Your Team

K-6th kids will meet their teams in the main sanctuary.

Preschoolers meet on the upper playground. Team captains are there to greet families and lead their team into their Opening Meetings.


Opening Meetings

Our Opening Meetings are held each night from 6:00-6:25pm in the Main Sanctuary for K-6th and the Eagles/Owls Room for Preschool. The children watch a skit or puppet show and learn our Adventure Week songs. The kids sit with their teams and their team leaders.  We invite the parents to sit in the sanctuary to see the music and ski.


Kid Stations and Parent Café

Each night from 6:30-7:35pm, the K-6th grade kids will split into two groups and participate in a memory verse magic show and go outside to play some games and have a snack.

The Preschool kids have their own rotation to five similar stations in the Children’s Ministry wing.

Parents are invited to relax in our Parent Café from 6:45-7:30pm each night, located on the center patio. Join us for delicious dessert, coffee, and conversation. If you have a preschooler, we ask that you stay on campus for the entire evening.


Elementary Closing Session

When the elementary kids are done with their breakout sessions they will come back into the west sanctuary to participate in the closing session which includes more music, a special message from our missionaries of the week, and finally a gospel message to wrap up the night



Check In/Out


When you arrive each night, please visit the Registration area first. On Monday night, children should come to Adventure Week WEARING their name-tag AND also check in at Registration. If you did not receive a Registration Packet ahead of time, visit the Registration booth. On the following nights when you arrive, children will check in and receive their name tags by last name in the registration area.

Parents and each child in the family are given a family number to be used for check out. This number is on each child’s name tag. Parents are given a wristband with your family number written on it. Wear it on your wrist all week or put it on your key chain. If someone else is picking up your child, please give them your wristband or make arrangements at Registration when you check in.


K-6th Check Out: K-6th grade children should be picked up at 8:10pm from their team spot inside of the West Sanctuary.  Show your wristband and turn in name-tags to our staff as you exit. Please pick up your child promptly, as our volunteers need to leave and get ready for the next night of fun!

Preschool Check Out: Please pick up your preschooler at 8:10pm. Go to the playground and a volunteer will direct you to your child’s team. Pick your child up from this spot every night. Show your wristband, and turn in your child’s name-tag to one of our staff at the gate.

What We Are Learning


Through our Set Sail theme this year our kids will be learning that we are all STRANDED. Stuck. Lost. We need to be RESCUED.  We try many things to save ourselves.  We try to BE good: obey all the rules, do good things. We look for other things to save us: earn lots of money, do things so people will like us, win awards to make us look special or famous. But none of these things can really save us from being STRANDED by our sin.  Only Jesus’ work on the cross can save us, allow us to SET SAIL and live a life of purpose and freedom from sin

Theme Verse: Hebrews 7:25

“He is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him.””


The preschool children will learn to follow Jesus with their whole heart!

Preschool Gospel Poem

God is in charge.
My sin is large.
Jesus died for you and me.
So repent and believe.

Coins for Missions

Every year we partner with a missionary that our church supports to pray for their ministry and collect money for a specific need they have. Each night we collect a different type of coin. Encourage your child to do extra chores around the house this week to earn coins for this special project!

The kids learn more about our missionary family and this year’s Coins for Missions project at Adventure Week. 

Music & Resources

Help Your Kids Learn

Here are a few resources to help you continue to teach your child about Jesus once Adventure Week is over. These books are appropriate for Preschool and Elementary Children and give them a clear understanding of who God is, and how He has redeemed us.