I’ve Never Been Prayed For!

I’ve Never Been Prayed For!

“We missed you at the meeting.” She squinted slightly and adjusted her glasses.

Her co-worker replied with surprising confidence, “Yes, we were sad to miss. But, well, guess what! My wife and I were both sick, but then we prayed and we are completely better!”

A puzzled look crossed the woman’s face. She let the word “prayer” roll over her mind a few times, and then smiled and returned to her cup of coffee.

It wasn’t until her afternoon break, when she checked her texts again, that the word reverberated in her mind again. The message read, “Father is ill again.” Over and over again, this sickness had beset her father. A passing thought, she momentarily pondered whether prayer could help.

And then she crossed paths with her co-worker in the hall. The opportunity opened up before her and she mentioned her father.

The man paused, “Can I pray for you?”

She nodded.

He closed his eyes, standing in the hallway, and spoke the name Jesus. Compassion, care, concern flowed through his words. And then he said, amen.

Tears glistened in her eyes. She nodded respectfully, “Thank you. I’ve never been prayed for before.”

His caring heart left a soft footprint in her heart.

And he knew it may just be a matter of time for her to receive His love.

This story is from Stephen and Erika Croft, serving in Japan. For more information, please contact: gracepartnerships@graceevfree.org.