In Another Part of the World…M&M

In Another Part of the World…M&M

His name is Isaac.

He snuck out of the house late last night to meet his friend for tea, and now he is silently climbing back into his room before the sun rises. He had seen the town slowly begin to awaken on his walk back, but his mind had been otherwise engaged in deep thought over his earlier conversation. “To live is Christ and to die is gain,” they had read. Something about those words had stuck with him, as memories of bloody noses and bruised faces flashed before his memory. His family did not approve of his choices, and they had violent ways of demonstrating it.

But for these brief moments, it did not matter. “To live is Christ” – even when he had lost his job, his wife and children, and his family had all but disowned him.

Today would be the day – when he chose to find Christ as his life, rather than his warm bed and free food. It was time to tell them that he was a follower of Christ – regardless of the cost.  He had told his friend – pray for me to have courage. My family needs to know.

This is a true story. Your contributions to Grace are in part sent to a Grace Partner who meets with disciples like Isaac, undergoing intense persecution for their faith.

Would you take a moment to pray that God would strengthen Isaac?

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