Ben & Lindsey Orr

Ben & Lindsey Orr

The locker door slammed shut as he walked toward the team room, his hair still dripping from his shower. It had been a hot day, and the game had gone long. But Chris’ heart beat with anticipation at what awaited him and his team. This would be like no other team meeting before!

Last summer, it had been him listening to the young fervent preacher, and his heart that had filled with conviction.  The memory of that moment vividly soared in his mind – when he saw how Jesus could cleanse him of the guilt he’d been carrying with him all those years – when he saw Jesus for the first time as His Savior and King.

Oh Lord, Chris prayed silently, let them hear the Gospel and see Jesus for the first time too.

He stepped in the room and found his spot, his teammates shuffling about and settling into their seats.

“Alright, guys, listen up!” The preacher started in hard and strong, sharing his testimony of how Jesus used baseball to reach him, and how they too could find forgiveness.

The fervency of Chris’ intercession matched the passion of the preacher. And then, the invitation came, and everyone bowed their heads in prayer. At first, stillness…then, one hand rose, and then another, and one more. These jockeys were coming to Christ! Chris knew these moments outweighed any glory of winning on the field.

Chris Vargas is one of the many baseball players who have come to Christ through FCA and is faithfully continuing in its vision of using baseball to reach others for Christ.

This story is from Ben & Lindsey Orr, ministering with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
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