Although we have called these weekly posts Sermon Prep, they are really intended to be more than just an encouragement to prepare ourselves to hear God’s word that will be preached. Their purpose is to prepare us to come as active participants (not passive recipients) as we gather to worship together.

Singing is another way we actively participate. Matt Merker (who leads congregational singing at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.) recently wrote a very helpful article called Your Church Needs to Hear You Sing. It’s not written to worship leaders, but to all Christians.

Would you take a few minutes to read and prayerfully consider it?

A couple of standout quotes:

If we’re not careful, the individualistic tendencies in our hearts can lead to a “me and God” approach to worship through song. We close our eyes, meditate on the words, and sing along softly with the band — all the while missing out on one of the hallmarks of congregational singing: the ministry of the family of God to one another.

Each week we gather as wounded people to have our spiritual sores treated by the Great Physician. In his mercy, he uses our songs to apply his sweet balm.

If we see our singing as part of our personal ministry to others, it will shape how we approach music at church in practical ways.

He offers four suggestions to help us take this role more seriously.

  1. Pray for the members of your church prior to and during the gathering.
  2. Sing with conviction.
  3. Use body language.
  4. Lay aside your stylistic preferences.

This week Eric Twisselmann will be preaching from Genesis 43-43 and Kenny Clark will be leading us in sung worship. Your prayers for each as they prepare are treasured.

See you Sunday!