“Blessed be God Most High, who delivered your enemies into your hand.”
Genesis 14:20

Lot’s decision to not stay near the safety of his uncle and the ongoing blessing of God now creates an opportunity for the breadth of the promise to Abram to be displayed in a very specific deliverance.

Much of life creates messes that are not of our own making. It wasn’t Lot’s fault that the king of Sodom got caught up in a territorial fight. Who could see that coming? Perhaps pitching his tent near Sodom had not worked out the way he hoped, and the opportunities of moving into the very city itself seemed logical. However, when Sodom was raided and he was carted off, he may have begun second-guessing the wisdom of parting ways with his uncle.

Abram wasted no time. Lot must be rescued. Resolute and fixed, he mustered the forces available to him and orchestrated a major victory, with the best possible outcome.

Enter that mysterious character Melchizedek, to give perspective. God Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth has just shown Abram an obvious display of his faithfulness. The hand of God has done this. The glory of God has been displayed, the One who is all about making his name great has worked a mighty deliverance.

This Sunday, come prepared to worship our delivering God, the One who is still faithful to all of his promises.

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