September 17, 2023

In preparation for Sunday, I’ve been praying that the story arc of our passage would be echoed among us as we gather. This scene begins with two dejected disciples whose hope was flickering and about to flame out…

But we had hoped he was the one to redeem Israel!” (Luke 24:21)

The cross and the tomb had crushed that hope. To use Jesus’ words, they were “foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken (Luke 24:26).” They still couldn’t see that to redeem us, Jesus’ suffering had to come before His glory.

But then “Jesus himself drew near and went with them (24:15).” And as he opened the Scriptures to them, their eyes were opened, their hearts burned, and their hope returned. As the scene ends, they had grown a little less foolish and little quicker to believe and trust their Savior whose path to glory leads through suffering.

As we follow Jesus we can be foolish ones who are slow of heart to believe, too. We have our own “but we had hoped… ” lists, don’t we?

“Jesus, I had hoped it would not be like this. I had hoped things would have gone differently. I would not have chosen this pain, this discouragement, this trial, this waiting.”

Jesus loves foolish and slow of heart to believe disciples. He draws near to us and walks with us, eager to open our eyes to all the things in the Scriptures that concern himself. That’s why we gather each Sunday.

This Sunday Eric Twisselmann will be preaching Luke 24:13-35 and Kenny Clark will be leading our sung worship. Would you take time to read this passage and pray for each as they prepare? And take some time to pray that God would meet each of us and our “but we had hoped…” longings with the risen Christ who will guide us further and further into the truth by the Holy Spirit. Ask the Lord to help us leave with eyes that are more open to how he is at work in all things for our salvation and with hearts that burn within us for him.

See you Sunday, Grace. Come hungry!


I Set My Hope on Jesus by Matt Boswell

When this life of trials tests my faith
I set my hope on Jesus
When the questions come and doubts remain
I set my hope on Jesus
For the deepest wounds that time won’t heal
There’s a joy that runs still deeper
There’s a truth that’s more than all I feel
I set my hope on Jesus