Preparing for Online Communion

Be prepared WITH

  • Bread (a flatbread, e.g. pita, naan, matzah is preferred, or, a gluten free alternative as needed)
  • Juice or Wine

Be prepared TO

  • Hear the instructions for communion given by Kenny
  • Remember that
    • Communion is for Christians (i.e. those who profess a relationship with God in Christ)
    • Communion is for Christians not engaged in an ongoing lifestyle of sin
  • Receive the bread and cup from the head of the household
    • Bread
      • Take a piece of bread
      • Head of the household says, “Christ’s body was given for you.”
    • Cup
      • Dip bread into the cup
      • Head of household says, “Christ’s blood was shed for you.”
  • Have one person ready to serve the bread and cup to the head of the household


Questions and Answers

Q. Why is flatbread preferred?

A. Because flatbread is baked without yeast which, in the Bible, is symbolic of sin. Since Jesus was without sin, flatbread best symbolizes Christ.


Q. Why is juice or wine preferred and not any beverage?

A. Because both are “fruit of the vine” and thereby symbolize Jesus’s blood as he described it at the Last Supper.