October 17, 2021

This weekend, we will gather for Grace’s annual Fall Bible Conference and consider Jesus’ encouragement to his disciples to take heart. Make no mistake, this is not merely an encouragement but a commandment, too. How can Jesus command his disciples to take heart? How can we be expected to take heart? In John 15, Jesus says that the world has hated him and, because it has hated him, the world will hate his followers as well. Shouldn’t that be enough to rob us of any comfort? Jesus doesn’t seem to think so.

John 15-16 are filled with wonderful words of comfort. One such word is found in John 16:26-27. In these verses, after telling his disciples that a day is coming where they can ask the Father for anything in his name, Jesus tells them an incredible truth. He says, “For the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.” The Father loves you. That’s Jesus’ message to his disciples. That’s why they can pray to the Father and make requests in Jesus’ name.

Why can we take heart in a chaotic world? Because God the Father loves us! Our Father in heaven, the Father of Lights, the Father of Glory, our Mighty Fortress loves us. This is just one of the encouraging truths we’ll explore this weekend. There are many more and we hope that you’ll consider joining us so that we can mine these glorious truths together.

Another important part of this coming weekend is the Conference Bookstore – tables full of classic titles, as well as new releases that will enrich you in your walk with Christ. But these books are not just for you! They are also for those in your life who desire to grow deeper in their faith, so keep them in mind as you peruse the stacks and consider what to purchase. All books will be marked at discount prices and serve as rich resources long after the conference is over.

Remember, the Fall Bible Conference will take place Saturday night (October 16) and Sunday morning/evening (October 17). We hope to see you there!