May 6, 2020

Dear Grace Family,

As we look ahead into the future, the exact shape of things remains uncertain. But, as we look back over the previous two months we are encouraged by the clear evidence of Christ’s Spirit at work in and through you! We see this specifically happening by way of your

  • Togetherness – our one-service livestream is averaging over one thousand participants
  • Generosity – our giving is strong and our benevolence fund is robust
  • Compassion – our Food Bank team is lovingly serving the neediest in our community
  • Support – our small groups, especially the twenty-five Grace Groups, are comprised of persons actively helping one another to navigate the complexities of these difficult days

We rejoice in these things as we look forward all the more to reuniting in person (hopefully sooner than later) and planning for what that looks like! Until then, know that we are regularly thinking of and praying for you.

Every Blessing in Christ,
Your Shepherding Elders

P.S. How can we be interceding for you? We welcome your prayer requests at