This Sunday, Randall Gruendyke will be preaching from Genesis 26:1-33. Just as the Lord had promised his father Abraham, so He promises Isaac, “I will be with you and will bless you.” And just as his father Abraham wavered in his faith, so does Isaac.

Through Jesus, we have obtained the same unshakeable promise. And like Abraham and Isaac, our own faith in this promise can waver.

Our faith is regularly challenged. Sometimes the challenges come by way of our own sinfulness. Sometimes they come by way of others’ sinfulness toward us. But whether from within or without, God’s presence and blessing are always more than adequate to meet these challenges. We have no reason to fear.

We will be concluding each service by taking the Lord’s Supper together. And our prayer team will be ready to pray with you for immediately following each service.

Would you read over this passage and pray in preparation for this week’s gathered worship? Ask God to give you a teachable heart and to reinforce your faith in Him. And pray for Randall as he studies and prepares to preach this Sunday.