Biblical Theology Workshop for Women

Biblical Theology Workshop for Women


No matter how much you already know or don’t know about the Bible, if you’re a woman who wants to know your Bible better, this workshop is for you!

Our aim will be to increase our Bible skills so that rather than being bored by, or intimidated by the Bible, we’ll become more intrigued by it, moved by it, more confident that we’re grasping what it is communicating to us.

Over three sessions, we’ll review the key events of the Bible’s story and the major sections of the Bible. Join us as we learn to articulate the story of the Bible and identify major themes that run from Genesis to Revelation.

Grace Ev-Free Church La Mirada is excited to host this event and equip women to be able to interact on a deeper level with their Bibles. We are the host church for Southern California and welcome women from our community to this interactive workshop.

What do we mean by “biblical theology”?

When people hear the term “biblical theology,” they often think we are talking about a theology that is biblical as opposed to unbiblical. But really we’re talking about a way of understanding and approaching the Bible that recognizes that even though the Bible is made up of various kinds of literature and was written down over centuries by 40 human authors, it is really telling one cohesive story about what God is doing in the world through Christ. We can trace the Bible’s story from Genesis to Revelation through the development of a number of central themes that communicate a coherent message about the person and work of Christ.

Perhaps another way to think about biblical theology is to think of it in contrast to its important companion, systematic theology. In systematic theology, we ask what the whole of the Bible has to say about a particular topic, such as sin, justification, the Holy Spirit, the nature of God, or humanity, and put it into a coherent summary. Biblical theology, then, is more about tracing particular themes that develop in the story of the Bible from creation to consummation, such as kingdom, sacrifice, feasting, or temple.

Read a full interview with Nancy Guthrie and TGC here!

Nancy Guthrie Biography

Nancy Guthrie teaches the Bible at her home church, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, as well as at conferences around the country and internationally. She is the host of the “Help Me Teach the Bible” podcast at The Gospel Coalition. She is the author of numerous books, including Even Better Than Eden: Nine Ways the Bible’s Story Changes Everything About Your Story, which traces nine themes that run from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible. Nancy offers companionship and biblical insight to the grieving through Respite Retreats that she and her husband, David, host for couples who have faced the death of a child; through the GriefShare video series; and through books such as Holding on to Hope and Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow. Her newest books are Saints & Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus and God Does His Best Work with Empty.


Workshop Schedule

8:00–9:00: Check In
9:00–10:45: Telling the Bible’s Big Story
10:45–11:00: Break
11:00–12:30: Tracing the Bible’s Main Themes
12:30–2:00: Lunch on your own
2:00–3:00: Making the Bible’s Intended Connections
3:00–3:30: Q&A with Nancy

Cancellations and refunds

Tickets are not refundable for any reason. Ticket holders who decide that they cannot attend in person will be able to trade in their ticket for access to the recorded workshop or give or sell their ticket to another person. Registrants will be emailed 30 days before the workshop letting them know that if they are unable to come, they can transfer their ticket to watch a recorded version of the workshop.


If the workshop sells out, a waitlist will open. One month before the workshop, current ticket holders will be contacted to confirm their attendance and if someone knows they won’t be able to attend, they can trade in their ticket(s) for access to the online recorded version so that we can make seats available to women on the waitlist. These women will be notified via email, all at once, about the opportunity to purchase any available tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the women on the waitlist have had a few days to register, the waitlist will no longer be used and any remaining tickets will be released for public sale until the date of the workshop.

Group tickets

You may purchase up to 10 tickets in a single order. If your ticket is being purchased by someone, or you plan to purchase tickets for a group, we expect that you list the name of each woman attendee on your order. It’s often difficult and time-consuming to add names later, which makes preparing nametags and the check-in process more complicated.