August 22, 2021

The truth is, we have no idea what the Lord will do with our lives when we fully commit ourselves to follow Jesus.

Amy Carmichael ended up leaving Ireland for Japan and then settling in India, eventually rescuing young girls from temple worship, offering them shelter and safety and the fragrance and beauty of Christ.

Both Augustus Franke and George Mueller were enabled through faith to have significant ministries to orphans.

William Carey went from being a maker of shoes in the UK to being a translator, social reformer and cultural anthropologist, surprisingly founding Serampore College, the first degree-awarding university in India.

The faith of Josephine Butler overcame the tragic death of her young daughter to instigating amazing social reforms for women in Victorian England and around the world.

Jim Eliot went to Ecuador as a missionary, “only” to give up his life there at the hands of the tribe he was seeking to reach for Christ.

Saul was persecuting Christians, but after his encounter with Jesus, became a key figure in the formation of the early church.

And then there’s Peter, the fisherman of Luke 5, the one who allowed Jesus to use his boat while preaching because of the crowd. Minutes later, as the boat was literally sinking from the weight of the catch of a lifetime, on his knees, Peter worshipped our Lord, admitted his sin, and was in effect commissioned to go out and catch people. And at Pentecost, his preaching was the literal fulfillment of that promise.

What about you? Have you given yourself wholeheartedly to serve our Lord? Being a worker in his field, with the harvest ripe and ready, is the greatest privilege this life can offer.

This Sunday, Jason Oakes will open up that wonderful encounter of Jesus and Peter, and the call that completely changed the course of Peter’s life. This same Jesus is still calling for us to follow.

Are you ready to listen and obey?

Following Jesus may take you where you never expected, it may bring surprises and trials that seem insurmountable, but living in the center of God’s will is the only life that truly satisfies.

Just ask Peter.