August 1, 2021

Jesus, what a friend for sinners.

What was meant as an insult to discredit Jesus was actually truer and better news than those who uttered it knew. John’s baptism, meant to prepare people to receive Jesus, was a baptism of repentance. It was for those who knew they were sinners and were desperate for God’s help. As Fred Sanders put it, it was saying, “Sinners line up here.”

So, it shouldn’t surprise us as we continue on in Luke’s gospel that broken-hearted sinners draw near to Jesus while the self-righteous oppose him. This Sunday we will continue with our second reading service, devoting what is normally the time for preaching to the reading of Luke 4:14-9:50. This section of Luke covers Jesus’ ministry throughout Galilee leading up to the moment when he reveals to his disciples that he must be delivered into the hands of evil men in Jerusalem.

These are some exciting chapters. We will be confronted with Jesus’ unmistakable authority over everything from sickness to weather to demons to death itself. We will hear Jesus teach about the kingdom of God that was dawning. We will see his gentle and lowly heart on display as he interacts with the lowest and the least. And we’ll see his jealousy for God’s glory and righteous indignation as he encounters the proud and the puffed up. Let’s pray that our view of Jesus would be enlarged this week as we listen to God’s word together.

In the evening we will gather again at 6pm for our monthly Lord’s Supper service which will include child dedications, Grace partner interviews, and some special goodbyes. So, join us this Sunday, Grace. Invite a guest, and come hungry!

Song Link of the Week
Come to Me by Village Church (feat. Lauren Chandler)
Weary, burdened wanderer, there is rest for thee
At the feet of Jesus in His love, so free
Listen to His message, words of life forever blest
“Oh, thou heavy-laden, come to me, come and rest”