Uh oh, you’re thinking. Here it comes. The “s” word (1 PETER 3:1).

Managing to have a healthy marriage is a tricky feat in any age, and now, perhaps more than ever before. Both the husband and the wife have wills that still want to be the last word, and the flesh always seems to come with a predisposed desire to “win.”

This world is no help. Culture sends us hourly messages that fly in the face of Peter’s instructions. But with Jesus as our example, we can come to realize that God’s ways are not man’s (or woman’s) ways.

When faced with threats and insults hurled at him, Jesus did not retaliate. When he suffered, he made no threats.

Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.
1 PETER 2:23

Kenny Clark will be preaching this challenging passage this coming Sunday. Pray for him, and for us. Ask that the timeless message the Holy Spirit intended from this text will be heard and not rejected. Ask that we will be able to listen beyond the cultural voices that will surely attempt to drown out the truth of God’s word.

Just think of the marriages can be strengthened and even saved as a result of this coming Sunday. Be praying that that might happen. Come ready to listen, to be challenged, and to grow. And may God be glorified through our marriages as a result.

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