April 25, 2021

This weekend at Grace we will be partnering with Community of Faith Bible Church for our 2nd annual Apologetics and Culture Conference. This year we are focusing on the unity in Christ in the midst of diversity. Unified diversity is one of our ministry values at grace. Part of this value says:

“To reflect the diversity of the body of Christ around the world, we desire our fellowship be intentionally intergenerational and diverse. The church is a community which has Jesus Christ as our head. Our shared faith in Christ, not our common interests, hobbies or personalities is the primary basis of our fellowship. We want our fellowship among believers as integrated as possible. We believe that believers of all ages, walks of life, races, and spiritual maturity should be developing relationships.”

Our goals for this conference are focused on developing deeper relationships with our brothers and sisters at Community of Faith so we can enjoy our differences in the midst of our foundational unity in Christ. As we discuss issues related to race, ethnic identity, and culture in light of the gospel, we will be operating out of these nine foundational assumptions.


There will be two evening sessions on Saturday and Sunday from 6:00-8:00pm that will include teaching, a panel conversation, and small group discussion. At our Sunday morning worship gathering, Bobby Scott from Community of Faith Bible Church will be preaching for us from 1 Peter 2:9, A Radical New Identity.

Please ask God to prepare your heart to listen, learn, and contribute to our learning with humility and confidence on God’s word and his power to enable us to experience more of the unity Jesus prayed that we would have as his church.

See you Sunday, Grace. Come hungry!

Song Link of the Week

Welcome Here – Russ Mohr (feat. Christina Bell & Jai)

Come to this house, come and be blessed
Feast at this table, lay down and rest
Come without price, come without fear
All God’s children are welcome here