Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To be a gospel proclaiming, equipping, nurturing, and sending church, transformed by the redeeming work of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

To present everyone mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28).

Our Objectives

Teach | Pray | Proclaim Christ


A church where each member is encouraged and equipped through the Scriptures to faithfully and competently build up the body of Christ.

  • Assess the scope and sequence our church-wide Bible curriculum in cooperation with leaders from Children, Youth, Adult Bible Study, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and Grace Groups.
  • Refresh Grace Group shepherd training with the relaunch of Discipleship 101 and 201, as well as the development of quarterly breakfasts and other one-off training events.
  • Develop methods to identify and train candidates for eldership and Grace Group leadership.
  • Identify and provide the most effective ways (e.g. digital, physical or otherwise) to deliver the latest resources on a variety of Christian topics to our congregation.
  • Strengthen our core of teachers and preachers by attending workshop on Biblical exposition (Simeon Trust).
  • Set the course, tone, and goal for the new year teaching curriculum (July – June) as determined by the elders at their annual retreat.
  • Educate our congregation and the broader community in timely matters of Bible, theology, and culture by way of seasonal Bible conferences.
  • Host a regional workshop on Biblical exposition (Simeon Trust Workshops).
  • Use principles from workshops to train our own Bible teachers.


A church where each member is individually and corporately devoted to consistent, earnest, and expectant prayer.

  • Host an elder panel on prayer for our members.
  • Make prayer a larger part of our corporate and family worship.
    • Make it as pronounced as our singing and preaching.
    • Make it deliberate in its approach (e.g. a weekly congregational prayer).
  • Evaluate House of Prayer and Partners in Prayer.
  • Convene listening and praying sessions led by elders with specific groups like youth, women, and men.
  • Give instruction on and encourage regular fasting.
  • Add a three-prayer request column to The Briefing, a newsletter for ministry leaders at Grace.
  • Lead a prayer retreat for elders, Grace Group shepherds and ministry leaders.
  • Encourage members to read one or more recommended books on prayer and incorporate the suggested measures into their lives.
    • A Call to Spiritual Reformation by Don Carson (Baker Academic)
    • A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie (Scribner)
    • A Praying Life by Paul Miller (Nav Press)
    • E.M. Bounds on Prayer by E.M. Bounds (Wilder Publications)
    • Hunger for God by John Piper (Crossway)
    • Prayer by Tim Keller (Penguin Books)
    • Praying Together by Megan Hill (Crossway)
    • Taking Hold of God by Samuel Zwemer (Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd.)
    • Valley of Vision (Banner of Truth)
    • With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray (Bridge-Logos Publishers)
  • Make available and urge use of the following.
    • Operation World by Jason Mandryk (IVP Books)
    • Praying the Bible by Don Whitney (Crossway)
    • Prayer diaries
    • Prayer partners
  • Invite those who have read at least one of the recommended books a prayer summit for mutual edification, encouragement, and further action.
  • Equip Grace Groups shepherds with:
    • A training meeting on how to lead a group in corporate/family prayer.
    • A monthly prayer guide covering church, Grace Partners, and fruitful gospel proclamation by providing a monthly prayer guide.
    • A book about corporate prayer: Praying Together: The Priority and Privilege of Prayer; In Our Homes, Communities, and Churches by Megan Hill (Crossway).
    • Resources for equipping persons to pray with families.
  • Lead prayer retreats for youth, men and women.
  • Compile and publish seasonal prayer guides for the congregation.
    • 40 Day Lenten book (Ash Wednesday to Easter)
    • 40 Day Advent book (Day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day 2018-19)
  • Lead a prayer retreat for the entire church.
  • Solicit requests from and pray for civil servants in a non-political manner and setting.
  • Form teams to prayerfully focus on special events (e.g. Adventure Week, Winter Amp, etc.).

Proclaim Christ

A church where each member urgently, eagerly, and bountifully proclaims Christ at home and supports gospel advancement throughout the world.

  • Highlight Gospel proclamation from the platform.
    • Preach Christ-centered sermons that assume there are always non-Christians present within our congregation.
    • Preach a pre-summer sermon series to stimulate a passion for gospel proclamation
    • Heighten the profile of Two Ways to Live.
      • Refer to it and its availability each week from the pulpit.
      • Make all versions available.
        • Two Ways to Live: The Choice We All Face – an expanded version for adults.
        • Who Will Be King – an illustrated adaptation for children.
        • The Essential Jesus – a combined volume with Two Ways to Live and the Gospel of Luke.
    • Include a God at Work component to our services that highlights opportunities for proclamation and the results of such opportunities.
    • Promote and distribute evangelistic resources for our members in various forms.
    • Provide suggestions for proclaiming Christ to unsaved family members and friends.
    • Pray for zeal for gospel proclamation among our people (Matthew 9:38).
    • Utilize baptism services to promote and encourage the proclamation of the gospel.
  • Encourage our people to regularly engage and proclaim the gospel to unbelievers within their spheres of influence through Grace Groups in the following ways:
    • Build and deepen friendships with those who do not know Christ.
    • Pray for boldness to love and proclaim Christ to those who do not know Christ.
    • Pray diligently for those who do not know Christ.
    • Train Grace Groups in the One-to-One Bible reading approach.
    • Proclaim Christ.
    • Celebrate those who are saved by publicly praising God for them (e.g. Sunday morning/evening, Grace Wire, The Briefing, etc.).
  • Create strategies to assimilate new believers.
  • Provide means for sharing Gospel proclamation prayer requests.
  • Train Food Bank volunteers in evangelistic preaching and one-on-one gospel proclamation.
  • Evaluate each ministry to determine if and how gospel proclamation is taking place.
  • Offer a set of courses and initiatives on proclaiming the gospel.
    • Two Ways to Live
    • Christianity Explored
    • One-to-One Bible Reading
    • 1-1-1 (Daily praying for one person for one minute at one o’clock)
    • Evangelistic prayer gatherings
  • Plan and produce more events with an eye toward drawing in people from our community
  • Hold an evangelistic concert and/or coffee house.
  • Host an apologetics event

As an Individual

  • Make and pray through a list of unsaved persons.
  • Read the Bible one-to-one with an unsaved friend or family member.
  • Pray for neighbors on regular prayer walks.
  • Proclaim Christ door-to-door, at the beach, at the park, etc.
  • Volunteer at Food Bank.
  • Volunteer with one of our local Grace Partners (e.g. Ben Orr, Don Allen, and others).
  • Establish a book reading club.
  • Start a movie viewing club.
  • Create a Neighborhood Watch group.
  • Take a course offered by your local community.
  • Participate in community service days.
  • Join a booster club.
  • Involve your kids in city and school sports leagues.
  • Sponsor a youth club (e.g. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.)


As a Group

  • Host seasonal gatherings
    • A Christmas Coffee
    • An Easter Tea
    • A Fourth of July party
    • A Halloween outreach
  • Neighborhood
    • Reach out to a single parent.
    • Reach out to a widow or widower.
    • Reach out to a family with a disabled child.
  • Community
    • Hold a free car wash.
    • Visit a convalescent home.
      • Visit residents.
      • Present a concert.
      • Conduct a worship service.
    • Undertake a project for a public school (e.g. clean-up, repair, paint, etc.).
    • Volunteer with one of our local Grace Partners (e.g. Ben Orr, Don Allen, and others).
    • Volunteer at Food Bank.
    • Offer to help neighbors with home improvement projects.
    • Arrange an appreciation dinner for local public servants.
    • Plan and host a Backyard Bible Club.